Brand + Product Launches

Designing seamlessly coordinated events from conception to creation
June 25, 2019
June 25, 2019

Brand + Product Launches

At Vicky Crease Catering + Events we know how important first impressions are.
And we know that you only get one chance.
With over 20 years of Corporate Catering experience and numerous International catering excellence awards to our name, our team are experts at producing the best events globally.

We are deeply in touch with popular local and international brands and feel passionate about translating your vision into a polished event. We design with the final experience in mind and include fabulous food, stylish décor, premium flowers, innovative mixology,as well as entertainment, AV products,comprehensive set design and luxurious gifting for your guests in the mix.

Our experiences at some of South Africa’s most prestigious brand launches have given us unparalleled skills in high volume, superior quality hospitality requirements, always with a sense of style and brand relevance.

We provide unparalleled expertise in delivering memorable launch events whilst pioneering new standards of quality and innovation. We are brand designers with a purpose. And you are everything to us.

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